At Governor Town Hall Carpenters Demand Stronger Stance on Illegal Contractors

Pueblo – KOAA 5 News covered a town hall with Colorado’s Governor, John Hickenlooper, in Pueblo, Colorado where our SWRCC sisters and brothers stood in solidarity asking the Governor to take a stronger stance on illegal contractors in southern Colorado.

Brother Duane Carter was interviewed who explained the immediate impact of the illegal labor practices. “We are seeing people that have union jobs lose their jobs or the contractors losing work because they can’t compete for these people that are paying under the table.”

The segment, however, did not mention how these illegal labor practices impact all Coloradoans as well. Pete Rodriguez, SWRCC Administrative Assistance explains, “Colorado is losing millions of dollars in revenue from taxes that are not being paid. We estimate that payroll fraud is occurring on over 95% of current construction projects in the Denver Metro area alone. When taxes aren’t paid schools suffer, public safety suffers, infrastructure suffers. There’s less money for important programs that serve vulnerable populations. This impacts all Coloradoans.”

To the Carpenters demands Hickenlooper responded, “(o)ur intention is to find out how we can change our legal statutes to make it easier to prosecute the people that are not playing by the rules.”

Watch the entire segment below.