5 Myths of Volunteering

1.”Only students and new graduates volunteer.”

Fact: Students and new graduates certainly learn a lot when they volunteer, but college age and young adults have the lowest volunteer rates. People ages 18-24 have a volunteer rate of just 18.4%. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the people most likely to volunteer are ages 35-44 (28.9%) and 45-54 (28%). For as long as you’re willing to help, you can never be too old (or too young, for that matter) to volunteer.

2. “You won’t really make a difference.”

Fact: Wanting to change the world is admirable, but it’s important to be realistic. CUPP is about each of us – 50,000 strong – making a choice to give back to our communities. Your contribution (no matter how small) ultimately impacts the big picture. Plus, no matter what, by making the choice to give back, you’ll be able to make at least one person’s life a little better. That’s the greatest reward of service.

“Southwest Carpenters are remodeling Ayden’s playroom for every cancer child here in Nevada! The children will be able to come and learn, play and have a special place that belongs only to them.” – Lindsey LiCari President of Ayden’s Army of Angels

3. “I don’t have enough time.”

Fact: Studies have shown that for those who feel time constrained, giving some of your time to help others can make you feel like you have more. CUPP requires just one hour a month to cause in our member communities. That snowballs our memberships’ contributions to generate millions of hours in man power.

4. “People volunteer because they lack skills.”

Fact: Skills-based volunteering is a great way to gain more experience and learn new skills, but it’s also the perfect way for individuals to highlight abilities they’ve already mastered. As more organizations implement their own volunteer incentive programs, skills-based volunteering allows for a refreshing, creative change from daily work, that enhances employees’ opportunities to exercise their leadership abilities.

5. “You have to commit to one cause.”

Fact: All you need to make a difference is curiosity and time.  With CUPP there will be opportunities to lend a hand to multiple causes: environmental, veterans’ services, employment, and community improvement. By contributing your skills and time to these causes, you’ll be strengthening our connection with the community and growing our market share. CUPP officially launches next week on January 1, 2019. Make the pledge to show your community the Union Difference join a CUPP committee today. For more on CUPP and how we will continue to build a strong Union, check out these articles. Is Your CUPP Full?   TU CUPP ¿Tiene Su CUPO Al 100%?