3rd Year Apprentice Program

Helping Build Our Industries 

Participants of the 3rd Year Apprentice program gain greater understanding of the Brotherhood, the industries that rely on UBC professionals, and the important role these men and women play in the success of both. Apprentices learn how professionalism, productivity, skill, and attitude contribute to their success, and to the success of the contractors who employ them. The training experience includes the Contractor Panel: Industry Insights. This five-point panel includes top officials from union signatory contractors from across the Southwest. (Should you be any level other than third, fifth, or sixth period apprentice, you will not be eligible to attend.)  

Who is Eligible?

• UBC member in good standing

• Must be a 3rd Year apprentice at
the time of training

• No more than one unexcused absence
from related instruction classes

• Must have attended at least two
local meetings in the past 12 months

• Must be motivated and willing to
attend the training

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this great program, complete this form.