We Fight For Our Union Family

We’ve always believed everyone deserves a shot at a middle-class lifestyle. Everyone should be able to provide for their family. Everyone should be able to retire in dignity. Being a union carpenter is one of the few chances many families have in order to reach that goal.

Building Community Wealth

Union Carpenters bring great value to their communities. Whether it’s the time they spend volunteering to better their neighborhoods, or the dollars they spend at local retailers, Union Carpenters drive community wealth. But we need good union careers — not just jobs — to keep our families and communities strong.


As we move into this election year, we want everyone to know that our focus is strictly Carpenter Economics. We want the membership to feel confident that we only practice politics that make sense for Carpenters.

Why We Fight 

We’re a family. We’re 55,000 members strong and we’re all in this together. This Brotherhood is my “why”. And this year we’ll fight harder than ever to protect our jobs, benefits and wages by using every resource we have available. We hope you’ll join us.