212 Journeymen

Next Level UBC Leaders

Journeymen Leaders have an enormous impact on jobsite culture. With thousands of these Journeymen Leaders actively embracing a constructive culture on UBC jobsites, the UBC has recognized “Next Level Leaders” as those who consistently coach, mentor, and motivate others, while taking on a leadership role on the job. Ideal particpants are those who pursue high-level communication skills, leadership characteristics, and have been active in the development of their Brothers and Sisters in the field.

With a focus on constructing and building UBC relationships on the jobsite, participants will be introduced to business finance,  cause and effect, emotional intelligence for UBC Leaders, adult learning principles, and how to manage healthy conflict. 212 Journey is the next step in expanding the total UBC Professional. Empowering the true foundation of the UBC, 212 seeks those that have cultivated their personal leadership style and are ready for the next step in their career path.

Who is Eligible?

The 212 Next Level Journeymen program is specifically for returning Journeymen who exemplified the principles of the UBC Journeymen Leadership ‘300 Hitter’ Program. Participants should be members who have successfully completed the UBC Journeymen Program and effectively applied its principles to their jobsites to make a measurable impact or stepped up in a leadership role at the Council level. (Please note: must have completed 300 Hitters program to be eligible.)  

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