Health Care

In addition to fair pay, Union carpenters believe that every worker has a right to decent benefits - including health care coverage for the entire family.

Carpenters who participate in the Southwest Carpenters' Trust have access to excellent benefits, including medical coverage for the employee and all family members.

Eligible members in most areas can choose between an HMO, Kaiser Permanente or the Carpenters PPO for medical coverage. Once a year there is an open enrollment period when you can change your plan if you desire.

To be eligible for coverage you have to work at least 360 hours for a participating employer each quarter. You don't have to start over when you change jobs, as long as the company you work for is union.

For complete details, or if you have any questions about the health and welfare plan, please call the Southwest Carpenters' Trust at 800/293-1370 or the Carpenters Union Local nearest you (see directory).

Health and Welfare Plan
To be eligible for health care coverage you must work 360 hours for a participating employer per quarter.
If you work 360 hours
during the months of:
You have coverage during
the following months of:
January, February, March May, June, July
April, May, June August, Sept., October
July, August, September November, Dec., January
October, November, Dec. February, March, April
If you work more than 360 hours during a Work Quarter the excess hours will be credited to a Reserve Account established for you, up to a Reserve Account maximum of 720 hours. You will be eligible during an Eligibility Quarter whenever the hours worked by you (if any) in the preceding Work Quarter, plus the hours in your Reserve Account, total at least 360 hours.

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